Feng Shui & Crystal Placements

Feng Shui & Crystal Placements

Feng Shui is thought to be the art of placement in order to create balance and harmonize with the energies in any given space.


Crystals are used in feng shui in a variety of ways, all with one single goal – to create good feng shui energy in your home.

This can be achieved by placing certain crystals in specific areas in the house.

North  (Career & Life Journey)


Opens new possibilities for new jobs or to revamp current ones.

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This gemstone has protection properties and can heal career ills, also relieves work and personal stress.

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East (Health & Family)


Useful with sickness, as it helps you understand the true root of the problem, rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

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Associated with wealth, this stone is also known as “the Stone of Heaven”. This royal stone is used for the wealth of good health as well as literal wealth.

Placing a Jade item in the East (Left) of the home is said to bestow long life, health, wealth, generosity and worldly wisdom.

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It is said to empower one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity, and to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values.

It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings, and to set strong and clear boundaries, both internally as self-discipline, and externally on what one is willing to experience or in defining personal space.
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West (Children & Creativity)



Hematite works to ground and center energy. This is especially good for healing a hyper child through its healing and grounding properties.


Hematite enhances memory, concentration and focus, stimulates the desire for peace, and deflects negativity.

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Sunstone – helps children who are overprotective and possessive.

Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance. Sunstone is an abundance stone. It encourages independence and originality and is inspirational in revealing talents.

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South (Fame & Reputation)



The grounding and stabilizing properties make this a good choice for healing a tarnished reputation.

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Carnelian helps to boost creative energies and awaken hidden talents, which is why it has become so popular with actors and actresses.

It enhances your confidence and self-esteem, helping you to overcome the fear of taking action and possibly doing the wrong thing.

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Helps you to be persistent when striving to reach a goal. Shows you your innermost and true self.

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Northeast (Wisdom – Skills & Knowledge)


Lapis Lazuli is the ancient stone of mental and psychological health. Reveals inner truth and encourages meaningful communion.

It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Encourages self-awareness, reveals inner truth, and expands understanding.

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Fluorite ensures mental clarity and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Allow it to bring you peace and tranquility when your thoughts race. Relieves anxiety and worry, and helps to change outdated thought patterns.

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Iolite can stimulate your memory, enhance your creativity, pique your curiosity, and satisfy your thirst for knowledge.


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Northwest (Helpful People & Travel)



This stunning fool’s gold is a must for healing this sector. Whatever ills are causing the lack of mentor luck, this will remedy, paving the way for attracting a mentor.

Iron Pyrite – Known as the high manifestor, used if you want to call something into your life.

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Legendary as the Traveler’s Stone, Moonstone is especially protective of those who travel by night or upon the water when the moon is shining.

Frequent travelers should keep one in the glove compartment for safe night driving and as protection against road rage.

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Southeast (Wealth & Prosperity)



This wealth stone will activate this sector and heal financial woes.

The three-legged toad from China is the traditional pet of the immortal Liu Hai, who is also the Chinese god of wealth. This toad is a symbol for riches, and is often pictured with a gold or jade coin in its mouth.

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Has wealth attracting properties and instills confidence and integrity to anyone suffering from wealth insecurity.

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Amethyst is the most popular stone to activate the energy of “Gratitude”. Amethyst can activate good luck and turn the tide of bad luck.

Set a crystal in the southeast sector of your home to attract wealth luck. It has been long thought to bring success to businesses.

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Citrine is a wealth and abundance stone, so this perfectly aligns with this area. I also encourage you to use the stone in your home office because that is typically where you work with your money energy.

Citrine harnesses that concentrated energy, promoting wealth, abundance and prosperity in this area of your life.

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Southwest (Relationship – Love & Marriage)



This crystal can be used to heal a broken heart and attract a new one. It represents compassionate love and infinite peace. It is a true essence of love for others, and the self.

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Lepidolite can help remove negative emotional attachments or resentment energy.

Lepidolite is excellent to use for emotional healing, purification and relaxation. It encourages self-love and trust.

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Center (Home)



If your home life is unstable and on uneven footing, use this in the center of your home. It will provide grounding and have the long-reaching effect of stabilizing your home (life).

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Picture Jasper helps create harmony, proportion, creative visualization, and positive things in business pursuits. It brings and shows hidden messages from the past as well as hidden thoughts, fears, and hopes. These qualities make it useful as an emotional/psychological healing stone.

Picture Jasper is a form of Brown Jasper. It is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth.

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Three Feng Shui Cures


Place Black Tourmaline near your front door.

Black Tourmaline is great at absorbing negativity. It is highly protective, making it ideal in the entryway or foyer of your home.

The front entrance of your home is incredibly powerful. It is where all energy enters and leaves.

For general house protection from negative energies, Black Tourmaline is highly recommended. It is one of the most protective and grounding crystals and is great for gridding the four corners of your home.

It is a powerful cleanser of all negative energies, allowing more positive energy in the home. It protects against all forms of electromagnetic smog (EMF), and geopathic stress.

You can place this crystal either on the corners of your property or inside of your house.

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The pure, high-vibrational energy of selenite is like liquid light. As it flows through your space, it brightens the energy of everyone and everything within it.

Selenite can cleanse, purify, and help you meet your potential. It shifts your aura and energetic vibration to attune you with a higher energy. This is essential for keeping feelings of grief, fear, anger, and anxiety at bay.

Power Placement:
Anywhere. “Put it anywhere in your home that you’d like to infuse with bright, soothing, and uplifting energy. I place selenite in my windowsills and above doors.

Selenite can also be placed in the main corners of your house.

Selenite is a powerful angelic stone and is known for bringing comfort and peace to the home. When using these crystals in your home, you will notice more peace, less stress and more positivity in everyday life.

Selenite needs to be placed inside, though, as it is a very soft and fragile crystal that can be damaged and even dissolved in water.

Think of Black Tourmaline as being a protective shield and Selenite being the guardian angels.

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For those whose spirit needs illumination, clear quartz brings clarity to shadows within the mind.

This crystal intensely resonates with the body, allowing it to act as a universal healer. By elevating thoughts and perspectives, it will help manifest your intentions like never before.

Power Placement: The living room.
It purifies and cleanses the energy of your space while elevating it to a new level.

Clear quartz can be used extensively as a feng shui cure in any bagua area that needs clearing and can benefit from the earth feng shui element of the crystal.

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