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Soapstone Carvings

Hand-carved Unicorn Figurine


Gemstone Carvings

Feng Shui Jade Toad w/Coin


Sacred Geometry Sets

Solid Rose Quartz


Pocket Guardian Angels

Hand-carved Amethyst Angel Figurine


Gemstone Eggs

Sunstone Figurine


Gemstone Orgonite Figurine

Selenite/Black Tourmaline Orgonite Angel


Gemstone Skulls

Sodalite Figurine


Worry Stone Figurines

Labradorite Palm Stone


Tree of Life Pendants

Peridot Pendant


Gemstone Spheres

Dalmatian Jasper Figurine


Healing Stretch Bracelets

Made from Magnetic Rainbow Hematite


Gemstone Pyramids

Carnelian Pyramid




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