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My amber crystal skull came out of the box this morning. It is just gorgeous. My primary quartz crystal skull was very receptive. I can tell that they will work very well together as powerful manifestors of good energy.
My quartz bear arrived yesterday. Absolutely beautiful. Powerful. Exceeded my expectations.
Just received two bracelets from Nelson Creations for my daughters for Christmas. They are BEAUTIFUL and fit them perfectly! Great quality material used and each one is unique! These make great gifts!
I can say that the quality of product is superior than those of similar making. I am very pleased with the craftsman ship and turn around time in getting product. I look forward to purchasing more items from Nelson Creations. You can’t go wrong when you buy from these two great people.
The amber crystal skull is beautifully made in very high-quality amber. The description and photos on the website did not even do it justice. The shipping of the piece was incredibly fast. Thanks again, Cherrie. And thank your husband for letting this one go!
One of a kind pieces for the one of a kind in your life!! These are amazing!!
I received one of Nelson Creations items as a gift. I love it! I will definitely be buying from them soon.
Unique, beautiful, handmade gem and stone work with a story. Love!!
Beautiful carvings, gorgeous gemstones and a fantastic seller!

Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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